Speech of WM. D. Haywood on the Case of Ettor and Giovannitti

This is another International Workers of the World publication of the speech of labor organizer William "Big Bill" Haywood to an audience of New York city workers on May 21, 1912. The booklet is published by the Ettor and Giovannitti Defense Committee of the IWW. This speech and the sale of this booklet were intended to raise funds for the defense of Ettor and Giovannitti and also to create publicity for their cause. "Big Bill" Haywood was one of the greatest and most popular radical labor organizers in American history. His words are often quoted and his legacy is frequently referred to. This speech is a fiery call-to-arms for workers to stand up and defend their brothers and sisters. Haywood was a tremendous orator and this fact is certainly noticeable in the text of this carefully prepared speech. Shown is the cover, inside cover, and back cover. Courtesy Lawrence History Center - Immigrant City Archives.



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