Mayoral Strike Militia Command

Below is the original command sent from Mayor Micha4el Scanlon to Captain Louis Cox of Battery C of the Massachusetts State Militia (what we now call the National Guard). Battery C was the first of many militia companies and police contingents to be called to Lawrence to help maintain order during the strike. Police and militia came from all over the state (Lowell, Haverhill, Lynn, Newton, Wakefield, Stoneham, Charlestown, Waltham, Boston) including a militia company from Harvard University, a troop of Boston Metropolitan Police, and a number of sharpshooters from the US Marine Corps. The language in the first few lines of the order gives us a sense of how it must have felt to be a city official or member of the authorities during the strike. Mayor Scanlon had only been in office a number of days. This command encaptulates the fear and panic that was clearly felt by Lawrence's power brokers and political leaders at the onset of the strike. Courtesy Lawrence History Center - Immigrant City Archives.