Ettor and Giovannitti Before the Jury

This is an amazing find at the Lawrence History Center. This booklet is an IWW publication concerning the trial of Lawrence strike organizers Joseph Ettor and Arturo Giovannitti. The two IWW men were charged as accomplices to murder for the death of Anna LoPizzo, a 34 year old Italian immigrant who was killed by a stray bullet fried in a melee between strikers and police. Both Ettor and Giovannitti were several miles away from the incident when it occurred. After spending months in jail the jury acquitted Ettor, Giovannitti and a third defendant, Joseph Caruso of the charges. Their imprisonment and trial was seen by many to have been a tactic city officials and mill owners employed to weaken the strength of the unified strikers.

The booklet gives a background of the incident, biographies of the defendants and their addresses to the jury. As far as we know this is the only publication of any part of the transcript of the trial that exists. It is a truly remarkable piece of American labor history. Shown are the front cover, back cover, and introduction with photo. Courtesy of the Lawrence History Center - Immigrant City Archives