Bread & Roses Academic Symposium A Great Weekend for Lawrence

Hundreds of people flocked to Lawrence, MA the weekend of April 28th to reflect on the Bread & Roses Strike of 1912. From Iowa, Australia, Lowell, and New Hampshire, symposium attendees enjoyed performances, workshops, panel presentations, and walking tours of the city. AFL-CiO President Richard Trumka gave a passionate keynote speech which connected the strike to the present day. Notable also was the presence of dozens of Lawrence's only remaining union textile workers, members of UNITE HERE New England Joint Board Local 311 and employees of Polartec LLC (formerly Malden Mills). They were the modern day representatives of the strikers of 1912. The overall tone of the weekend was reflective yet celebratory. The streets of Lawrence, bathed in a brilliant spring sunshine and bustling with excited symposium-goers, seemed to usher in a new day for Lawrence. One that respectfully looked to the past for guidance for the future. It was a good weekend for Lawrence.


The following links provide accounts of the symposium: